NZ Stroke & Aphasia Handbook

The NZ Stroke and Aphasia Handbook provides easy-to-understand information on all aspects of life following stroke and acquiring aphasia.

It is a useful tool to support people with stroke and aphasia in:

  • Asking questions,
  • Having discussions and conversations,
  • Making choices and decisions.

It contains New Zealand-specific information about healthcare, support services, and financial assistance.

It is an invaluable resource for those with a loved one with aphasia, and is part of the Friends joining pack. Copies are also available for $35.

The Handbook was created by Connect – The Communication Disability Network, a former UK charity which worked with and for people with aphasia. We have adapted it for people living in New Zealand.

To get your copy, email us at

We’re currently preparing version 5 of the Handbook, and it will be printed and ready for distribution in March 2021. Check back soon for updates.

NZ stroke and aphasia handbook