AphasiaNZ Aphasia Days

What is an Aphasia Day?

  • A workshop for people with aphasia, their carers, spouses and family members, and interested professionals
  • A way for people living with aphasia in one area, to come together
  • A forum for people to find out more about AphasiaNZ

We offer Aphasia Days to raise awareness of aphasia in local communities, to identify unmet needs, and for fact-finding and fact delivery.

What are the Benefits of Attending?

  • People with and affected by aphasia have opportunities to share strategies to live well with aphasia and meet others facing similar challenges
  • People with aphasia can access information from professionals about what can help with recovery and adjusting to life with aphasia, e.g. how technology might help
  • They are an opportunity to find out what‚Äôs happening locally and reduce isolation

What Happens After an Aphasia Day?

We assess the viability of AphasiaNZ-run services in the area (such as a local CAA). We also assist people to set up groups and meetings and liaise with local professionals. One of the best things to come from Aphasia Days is new friendships and connections!

What about Conferences?

We will not be running any large international conferences at this point in time, instead, focusing on smaller local events. There are several reasons for this, including the cost and accessibility issues for people with and affected by aphasia. Aphasia Days are free for people to attend, although a koha on the day is appreciated.

Past Aphasia Days

In 2019 we held Aphasia Days in Whangarei, New Plymouth and Whanganui.

Due to ūü¶† COVID-19, we did not run any Aphasia Days in 2020. We are currently planning events for 2021.¬†Check back soon for updates.

Previous events held across the country, including collaborative aphasia events with other organisations

AphasiaNZ Biennial Conferences

Up until 2015 conferences were held every second year for people affected by aphasia, those working with people with aphasia, and anyone with an interest in aphasia.

Conferences served as a forum to raise awareness about aphasia and encourage people to discuss it publicly. In addition, they were a great opportunity for people with aphasia and those working with people with aphasia to get together, find out what was happening around New Zealand and overseas, and share feelings and thoughts in a supportive environment.

Conferences were held in Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington. The last conference was in Auckland and was attended by nearly 140 people in November 2015 at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre.