Device Loaning & Resource Library

iPad and Laptop Loaning Programme

AphasiaNZ has a number of iPads and laptops which have been donated to us or purchased using grants and donations, for people with aphasia to borrow to see if they are useful tools for home practice and self-directed or supervised learning.

The aim of the loaning programme is to provide the means for people with aphasia who are at home or in the community to have access to aphasia therapy apps for home practice, and self-directed learning, under the guidance and recommendation of a Speech-language Therapist (SLT).

Please note:

  • We do not loan devices for the purpose of enabling augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) for people with aphasia
  • We do not loan devices to inpatients i.e. people in a hospital or a rehabilitation facility after a recent stroke. AphasiaNZ does not provide therapy for people with aphasia and currently does not employ or contract any SLT services.  
  • We do not loan devices to people who already have an iPad/device at home, or are living with a spouse/carer who has a device.

The assessment of a person with aphasia’s ability to use an iPad or laptop as a means of augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) in New Zealand is carried out by an ATANZ accredited assessor. It is the responsibility of the person with aphasia’s SLT to liaise with TalkLink as appropriate if there are issues around AAC.

We loan devices to Friends of AphasiaNZ for up to 3 months and welcome your enquiry. Email to find out more.

If you are an SLT/professional and you are currently working with a person with aphasia who would benefit from our device loaning programme, please complete this checklist to determine if your person with aphasia is eligible for this service: iPad Checklist for SLT

Resource Library

We have a large selection of books, workbooks and other resources for people with aphasia, those with a loved one with aphasia, and professionals working with people with aphasia. Like a normal library, the items are available for a set period of time at no cost.

Friends of AphasiaNZ can borrow items from the library for up to 6 weeks. To find out what’s available, or to ask for a recommendation, email us.

The device loaning programme and resources in the library are Friends of AphasiaNZ services, meaning you need to join as a Friend before borrowing these.