Education & Training

We offer a range of education and training options to raise awareness of aphasia and improve communication skills for organisations interacting with people in the community who live with aphasia.

Workshops and training sessions, many of them at low or no cost, can be tailored to a range of community needs including:

  • Groups and organisations looking to improve communication and understanding of their members with aphasia e.g. Rotary, Probus, Grey Power etc.
  • Community support and service organisations that interact with members of the public living with aphasia e.g. staff in rest and care homes caring for people with aphasia
  • Businesses that have staff interacting with the public and would like to better improve communication abilities and skills e.g. banks, post shops, cafes etc.

Contact us for information on a training package for your business, organisation or community group.

Current Education/Training Opportunities: Available Now

IT’S Conversation – Supported Conversation Training for People with Aphasia and their Conversation Partner

Conversations are two way. To have a successful conversation all people involved need to accommodate the way they communicate. We might need to accommodate because of someone’s age, their interests, time restraints, their hearing and vision, or their ability to access their language.

Because aphasia affects access to words/language, we need to identify strengths in communication and find alternative ways for areas of difficulty.  Supported conversation helps us focus on what is working well and what could be improved and use strategies to achieve success in conversation.

AphasiaNZ has developed a training package called IT’S Conversation.

  • For people with aphasia and their spouse/partner/family member
  • At home – either in person or via video call (Zoom)
  • The Community Aphasia Advisor (CAA) will work with you both
  • You will learn strategies and techniques to help you have more successful conversations
  • Learning better ways to have conversations with aphasia takes practice!

Contact your local CAA today to enquire about this training or contact AphasiaNZ on 0508 274 274 or

IT’S Conversation Flyer

What is Supported Conversation

IT’S Conversation – Training Outline