AphasiaNZ Services

We have a range of information and resources available to help both people with aphasia, family members and carers, and those working and interacting with people who have aphasia. Our material is clear, concise, and easy to follow.

We offer:

A Community Aphasia Advisor (CAA) Service

Our Community Aphasia Advisors (CAAs) provide field officer services, education, information and support to people with and affected by aphasia in the Auckland, Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Central and West Waikato, Central North Island (Taupo and Turangi), Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin areas. AphasiaNZ does not provide therapy for people with aphasia and currently does not employ or contract any SLT (Speech-language Therapy) services.

Community Training, Education and Workshops

AphasiaNZ offers community groups and businesses training, education and information to better support those with aphasia and help to improve their services to people with communication difficulties.

Support Groups

Support groups – which we often call Korero Clubs – are currently running in many locations.  We want to expand support groups nationally and are working hard to achieve this. See our Support Meetings page for details.

Wallet Cards and Communication Resources

Our wallet cards and aphasia and communication booklets and resources assist communication more easily by identifying that the person has aphasia and offering tips on communicating with a person with aphasia.

Laptop Computer and iPad Loaning

‘Friends of AphasiaNZ’ are able to borrow laptop computers and iPads to help with self-directed learning, and if currently working with an SLT.  To find out how you can borrow either a laptop or an iPad, please contact us and click here for information about our iPad loaning scheme.

Resource Library

We have lots of resources available for ‘Friends of AphasiaNZ’ to borrow at no cost.  Please contact us to find out if we have anything which may benefit you.