Speech-language therapist and Associate Professor at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Felicity Bright, talks to AphasiaNZ about communication access in healthcare.

What is communication access? Why is it important? How are we doing in our healthcare services in New Zealand currently? What can successful communication access (or communication inclusion) look like? Felicity also introduces an exciting new research project getting underway in Aotearoa New Zealand, looking at communication access in our stroke units.

If you had a stroke in the past 12-18 months, or you are family/whānau of someone who did, Felicity and her fellow researchers, Clare McCann and Karen Brewer, would love to hear from you.

To participate in this research please email: communicationaccess@auckland.ac.nz or call Maia Watling (Ngāti Kuri, Ngāpuhi) 027 234 0810 or Gabby 027 221 4113.