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New Zealand Aphasia Documentary

A few years ago a short documentary was produced in New Zealand highlighting 4 people all living in Auckland who have aphasia.  The documentary tells the stories of Luke, Roger, Ian, and Barbara - all of whom acquired aphasia at different stages in their lives and live in Auckland.  Their stories are inspirational and moving and well worth viewing.  Have a look at the videos on www.youtube.com here:

Open Door: Aphasia Part 1 and Open Door: Aphasia Part 2

Australian Aphasia Association

The AAA is a support and advocacy association for people with aphasia, their families and the professionals who help them.  They held their most recent conference in Perth in October 2014.

Centre for Brain Research

The Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland is committed to finding and developing new treatments for neurological conditions. Working together in the laboratory, clinic, with whānau and in the community, they strive to provide a brighter and better future for people and families living with brain disease.


Connect is a not for profit located in the UK for people living with aphasia.

New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association

NZSTA is the professional association and regulatory body for Speech-language Therapists in New Zealand. This site contains information about the NZSTA, as well as information for parents and families on speech-language therapy, and information for practising Speech-language Therapists in New Zealand and overseas.

The Stroke Foundation

The Stroke Foundation provides information and support to people with a stroke, their family/whanau and caregivers. Their network of Stroke Advisors (formerly called Field Officers) and Stroke Clubs assist the stroke-affected community. They also provide information through literature, videos and a helpline to the general public.

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia works to improve the quality of life for those with aphasia, their families and carers. They do this by funding pioneering research and projects that will improve services and therapies; by acting as a catalyst in pulling together charities working in the same area; in raising the profile of the condition amongst the public, students of speech and language therapy and the medical profession, so that people can understand aphasia better. Henrietta, Duchess of Bedford, is the Chairperson of the Tavistock Trust, which has been responsible for bringing together all the associations in the UK who work in the field of aphasia to form the Aphasia Alliance. She was also the Patron of AphasiaNZ before we became a Charitable Trust in July 2012.  She was given life membership of the Association (now a life 'Friend') at the AGM in July 2008 in recognition of her patronage.

Aphasia United

Aphasia United is a newly formed umbrella organisation for the global aphasia community. The idea for Aphasia United grew from the realisation that there was a need for an integrated international strategy for the advancement of aphasia science and services. Aphasia United seeks to foster collaboration between consumer, professional and research organisations throughout the world through a strategic plan and shared vision. ‘Creating a united voice for aphasia’ - a publication about the globalization of health care and the development of Aphasia United - is now available on Aphasia United's website at www.aphasiaunited.org consumer, professional, and research organisations can register as members of Aphasia United by emailing contact@aphasiaunited.org

Community Activities

If you are looking for activities to do in Auckland or groups to attend please look at this helpful list: Auckland Activities

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